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Street Cops

A seven-part series about Washington’s 3rd District police officers. › Article Link

Calvin Woodland

A community organizer and youth advocate battles and begs to help boys in a tough, inner city neighborhood in Southeast Washington. › Article Link

The Avenue

A four-part series about how visitors smuggled drugs to inmates at Lorton Reformatory. › Article Link

Ellen Reasonover

An in-depth look at the case of a St. Louis woman who was convicted of a murder that she maintains she did not commit. › Article Link

Ellen Reasonover Released

After 16 ½ years in prison, Ellen Reasonover is released after a Missouri judge overturned her 1983 conviction. She struggles to adjust to her freedom. › Article Link

Pursuing the Legacy

A four-part series about a year in the District’s McKinley High School that examined the problems facing an urban high school. › Article Link

Murder on Trial

A four-part series that examined three years of homicides in the District of Columbia. Of 1,286 murders, only one in four ended in convictions.› Article Link

Benton Family Reunion

An article about the 600 descendants of the great grandparents of Athelia Knight. › Article Link